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Dopamine and Parkinson's Disease

Dopamine and Parkinson's Disease

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Dopamine is a chemical produced by the body that is considered both as a hormone and a neurotransmitter. Dopamine is strongly linked with motor movements as well as the reward stimuli in the body. It strongly influences the motor skills of the body, thus it has been an infamously linked with Parkinson’s disease.

 Parkinson’s disease was discovered by James Parkinson in 1817 and was first described as “shaking palsy.” This is a central nervous system ailment that results in a progressive and chronic loss of motor coordination, tremors, as well as other severe impairments in the body’s movement.

Dopamine does an important role in the central nervous systems, cardiovascular, as well as hormonal.  It is considered to diversely manage processes as progress to addiction on drugs.  Dopamine dendrites broaden into a variety of section in the brain, calculating diverse function throughout the spur of alpha and beta adrenergic and also dopaminergic receptors known as D1 and D2.

As with all other chemicals in our body, a certain level must be maintained for the body to function normally. As the level of dopamine decreases below the normal range, more motor and movement problems persist. And dangerously low levels of Dopamine in the brain may result to unstable posture, muscle stiffness, loss of balance and motor coordination, shaking, walk pattern disturbance, slow movements and difficulty with voluntary movements and so on to name a few. And these are symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

There is still no cure for Parkinson’s disease but researches are gearing towards mimicking the action of dopamine. Researches have been successful in pointing out the biological pathway of dopamine in an effort to try to replace the worsening dopamine in the substantia nigra. Studies have found that L-Dopa is effective in reducing the disease’s symptoms, which means that this actually converts dopamine in the brain.

There is still hope for the cure of Parkinson’s disease.

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