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Dysbioplex FNG Information

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- Supports a healthy GI tract - Good for fatigue and stress - Powerful immune support - Contains avian-based transfer factors - Contains humoral cofactors - Safe and natural substance - Non-toxic

INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND In 1949, H.S. Lawrence was the first to observe and demonstrate the transfer of cellular immune factors. Dr. Lawrence showed that transfer of viable immune factors from a donor to a normal recipient was possible. Lawrence also demonstrated that cutaneous sensitivity responsiveness could also be transferred by dialyzable leukocyte extracts (DLE). Dr. Lawrence named the factor responsible for this phenomenon Transfer Factor (TF).

Generally immune-sufficient individuals naturally produce sufficient amounts of DLE. Because of the remarkable discovery of Dr. H.S. Lawrence, Transfer Factors derived from avian sources may provide significant health benefits for individuals.

Much like mammals provide for their newborns via colostrum, which is a wonderful whole food rich in immunological factors and other cofactors, the egg is also a self-contained source of whole food, Transfer Factors, and various other immune factors and cofactors. BioGenesis Nutraceuticals produces Transfer Factors and corresponding immune cofactors through the egg. The laying hens are maintained under free-range conditions, in a non-stressful environment and sustained on a superior nutritional program. Since the specially grown and nurtured hen produces specific Transfer Factors and immune factors, the hen also has the ability to produce these same immune factors when raised and developed under certain controlled conditions. Dysbioplex FNG is the result of 25 years of research and study of Transfer Factors.


EGG-BASED DYSBIOPLEX FNG has an exciting potential to support the immune system. Immune factors contained in the product specifically bind to internal factors and mechanically promote overall health. The cellular portion (Transfer Factors) enlist the T memory cells to modulate immune system immune response to more effectively aid the body. Dysbioplex FNG has shown proof to have phenomenal immune support.

Click here to Buy Dysbioplex FNG by BioGenesis

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