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Effect of Serotonin on Weight Loss

Effect of Serotonin on Weight Loss

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 Serotonin has a strong bind on weight loss. Since serotonin is the one that regulates the appetite, then it is a great factor on the weight loss diet. Many people throughout the world are suffering from depression caused by decreased levels of serotonin in the body. Depressed individuals are observed to be losing their weight as they lose their appetite. This loss of appetite can result into different diseases and health conditions like fever, infections, heart conditions and ulcers that contributes a lot on one’s weight.


However, there are certain cases wherein decreased serotonin levels and depression can cause a person to overeat. We know that overeating is a big hindrance to weight loss.  Thus, imbalances in the serotonin levels greatly affect the regulation of appetite that may result to either loss of appetite or overeating, worst case, to other eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.


The level of serotonin can lead into two unwanted results on weight loss. One is the malnutrition. Malnutrition is the lack of nutrient consumption. This is caused by under eating of nutritious foods or not eating at all. This is commonly seen on persons with inappropriate eating habits. Malnutrition may affect the brain functions since there are not enough nutrients entering in the body.


Another unwanted result of diet problems due to serotonin imbalances is obesity. Obesity is not just being fat. It is a medical condition and a risk factor for various health problems like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Being obese makes a person more prone for having strokes and heart attacks. Statistically, these 2 are included in the top causes of death worldwide.

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