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Effects of Norepinephrine

Effects of Norepinephrine

In the adrenal medulla which is the adrenal glands’ core portion, norepinephrine also known as noradrenaline is produced and it can also be released in the sympathetic and central nervous system by neurons. At a structural level, norepinephrine is more likely similar with epinephrine or adrenaline. It’s believed to be a neurotransmitter and most likely a hormone. Norepinephrine is released normally caused by stress; it’s either on the psychological or physical stress.

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Norepinephrine like any other hormone or a neurotransmitter it has many effects on certain parts of the body, since norepinephrine can also be use as a drug it affect almost majority of the body systems. Considering the vascular system, norepinephrine affects the increase in heart rate that also triggers the increase of blood pressure; it also can dilate or widen blood vessels. Nervous system is also affected, by the state “fight-or-flight” these state refers to the activation of the sympathetic and central nervous system by the norepinephrine, this provides the increase in attention, focus and reaction time. Norepinephrine can make liver increase its production of glucose which can be a fast source of energy in times of stressful or dreadful situations. It can also cause the triggering of the pituitary gland in producing an adrenocorticotropic hormone also known as the ACTH, affecting the adrenal cortex that triggers the release of cortisol which helps to stop the adrenal medulla in producing norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is also used on prescription medication like antidepressants which is used to lessen depression and on unusual low blood pressure or hypotension medications.  

In the activity of norepinephrine, the nature’s harmony is then reflected in a complex coordination of the body. Responding to become aware of a stressful condition, stimulation of the adrenal gland which produces norepinephrine may be done, this leads to a number of coordinated and detailed responses in different parts of the body to be able to prepare the organisms for action. When the perceived or realized dangerous condition of the body comes to an end, the state of the body returns to a relatively stable or balance between mutually dependent elements, mainly maintained by physiological course of action also known as homeostasis.


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