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Effects of Serotonin

Effects of Serotonin

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When you feel good about yourself, when you are happy despite some stressful activities like work, it means your serotonin level is at its normal range. When your disposition suddenly changes, you have become irritable, anxious, experiences mood swings, then, your serotonin level is decreasing.


It is a major neurotransmitter of the brain, responsible in establishing emotional well being and helps maintain proper sleep, energy levels and healthy appetite. Any changes in the proper amount would affect brain function and would lead to certain psychological and physical disorders. It affects your mood, emotions, concentration, memory and mental alertness.


Psychological disorders arise when there is an imbalance in its level. This is said to be a great factor in persons suffering from depression. Depression is a state of mind wherein one suddenly ceases to do things he usually enjoy doing, suddenly life has been zipped out and gloomy attitude set in. It also leads to significant behavioral changes which manifest in the form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and others.


There are also physical disorders that arise when its level is depleted. Illnesses like eating disorders, obesity, insomnia, increased sensitivity to pain, change in sleeping pattern, migraine, nausea, hypertension, and others are manifested.


Deficiency could be addressed by medications as in the case of depression and schizophrenia. However, there are natural remedies that could be done in order to correct the imbalance. Having regular exercise is the best way to fight the disorder. It is said that undergoing a good exercise workout increases serotonin level that lasts for days. Eating foods that contain tryptophan and complex carbohydrates would also increase the levels in the brain.  Listening to relaxing music and doing meditation and yoga are of great help also. Furthermore, exposing yourself to more sunlight particularly in the morning would help increase the production of this brain’s neurotransmitter.


Being happy and cheerful are the effects of having the right level of serotonin. Being active as in getting enough exercise would prevent it from being depleted and enable you to feel good always.

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