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Epinephrine Overview

Epinephrine Overview


Hormones (from Greek horman "to set in motion") are chemical substances produced my endocrine glands in the body which act as biochemical messengers. These glands produce the hormones directly into the bloodstream, body fluids or neighboring tissues to regulate the metabolic activity of other organs or tissues. Epinephrine which is more familiarly called as adrenaline or epi in medical jargon is a hormone.  The Latin roots ad-+renes and the Greek roots epi-+nephros of this hormone both literally mean "on/to the kidney."

This neurotransmitter is related to Calm PRT, Kavinace, AdreCor, Balance D, and ExcitaPlus.



John Jacob Abel came up with the name epinephrine in the year 1898. The term is an amalgamation or the Latin and Greek words epi meaning above and nephros for kidney in reference to the location of the adrenal gland in the body which produces the hormone. He was able to isolate and identify the hormone in 1897. A Few years later, 1901 to be exact Jokichi Takamine found the same hormone oblivious to the former discovery and named in adrenaline.


Effects of Epinephrine


Epinephrine or adrenaline is the hormone responsible for a child's sudden strength to carry and save his siblings from a burning house, more so, adrenaline rush was also Edward's excuse for being able to save Bella from a ravaging car in the hit movie series Twilight. In one circumstance or another, normal individuals experience this kind of phenomenon in our own bodies. These types of instances trigger our body to react in a "fight or flee" response. Adrenaline would be the culprit responsible in preparing the body to either defend itself or to run away from danger. Therefore, epinephrine or adrenaline is essential in helping the body cope with physical excitement or threats.


How does epinephrine or adrenaline do this? Physiologically, as it is secreted by the adrenal medulla into the bloodstream, epinephrine causes the pupils, blood vessels and air passages to dilate, and acts to increase the heart rate, blood pressure and sugar level in the body and at redistribute the blood flow away from the inner organs and skin. These effects provide a burst of physical energy to survive the physical requirements of what seems to be impossible situations. The dilated air passages also allow more oxygen to enter the body making it function more efficiently.



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