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Essential Minerals for Body and Mind

For Humans, minerals play a vital role in maintaining proper health. Minerals help the body and mind develop and grow. There are 15 essential minerals needed by the body to stay healthy.  The 15 essential minerals are: Calcium,which keeps bones and teeth healthy, is found in dairy products. Magnesium, used for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm, is found in whole grains. Potassium and Sodium are used to regulate fluids to the body. Potassium can be found in oranges and bananas, while sodium is found in salts. Chromium, vital for keeping blood sugar levels steady, can be found in red meat. Fluoride, is important for keeping teeth from decaying and can be found in toothpaste. Iron, used to carry oxygen to red blood cells, is found in beans and meats. Molybdenum, required for the making of DNA, is found in liver and grains. Zinc, vital for the immune system, is found in meats, cheeses, and nuts. Chloride is used for forming acids in the stomach and is found in table salt. Phosphorous, used for making bones and teeth healthy, is found in meats. Copper, needed for nerve function, can be found in seafood and seeds. Iodine, needed for creation of hormones in the thyroid, can be found in seafood. Manganese, important for reproduction of bones, is found in grains and lastly, Selenium, is an important antioxidant found in seafood. These essential minerals work to keep the body properly maintained, and can lead to a healthier body and mind.


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