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Essential Vitamins for the Body

What are essential vitamins? These are the organic components needed by our body to function normally. These are found in the foods hat we eat. Below are the essential vitamins we needed.

Vitamin A. This can be found mostly in dairy products such as cream, milk and cheese. Some fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes also contain Vitamin A. This vitamin makes are eyesight better. It also helps our bones to become stronger and this also helps to boost our immune system.

Vitamin D. This vitamin is responsible for skin growth and like Vitamin A; this can also be found in dairy products like butter, cheese and milk. Fish and cereals also contain Vitamin D.

Vitamin E. This vitamin prevents skin aging. It also heals our skin and this also fights infection and cell destruction. This can be found in seeds and in some leafy green vegetables.

Vitamin K. This is required for blood coagulation. This prevents internal bleeding. This can be found in some green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and broccoli. Fruits like avocado also contains vitamin K.

Vitamin B3. This is also called as niacin. This can be found in poultry, eggs, nuts and other dairy products such as milk. This can also be found in avocados, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Niacin improves the function of our digestive system and it also metabolizes fats.

Vitamin B1. This is also known as thiamine. This vitamin promotes growth. This can be found in pork and yeast.


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