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Exercises to Support Cognitive Function

Thinking, reasoning and remembering are all cognitive abilities. As we get older, our ability to think clearly, reason and remember can decrease. To prevent this from happening, it is important to perform daily exercises to practice these abilities. Thinking Exercises: Lateral thinking riddles and logic puzzles are good ways to practice thinking clearly. Both types of puzzles can be found easily online (www.puzzles.com has a huge amount of logic puzzles that you can complete online or print out and do at your own leisure). These types of puzzles can also be found in book form in the games or puzzles section of your local bookstore.  Reasoning Exercises: Logic puzzles are also a fun way to practice reasoning. Another reasoning activity would be to read a who-done-it mystery and figure out who the culprit was before it is revealed.  Memory Exercises: Memory games are a fun way to keep your memory sharp. This is a popular subject for games right now, so it is possible to find card games, board games and even video games with a variety of fun memory exercises. An example of a memory card game is Concentration. This game can be played with a regular bicycle deck. To start the game, lay the cards face down in a grid pattern. Then, you turn up two cards, trying to make a pair (Two 7s, two aces, etc). If you do not have a pair, you turn both cards face down and try again.


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