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Factors that Affect Women Health

In today’s society, women inevitably try to be Supermom and balance family and work. But the stress in trying to balance between board meetings, car pool and laundry, many times it has a negative effect on women’s health both mentally and physically.  There are some emotional ramifications for too much stress. Not only can the mental drawbacks to trying to do it all affect your job performance by forgetting important assignments but the stress that comes with the memory loss can also affect your family life by making you irritable.  Some women may even indulge in negative coping behaviors including eating too little or too much, eating unhealthy foods, sleeping too much or too little, skipping work, smoking, drinking or taking drugs. Stress can also have a negative affect on your health with many women developing colds to more serious heath issues such as heart disease, changes in their eating habits and cancer. How do you deal with the stress in your life? Well, if you can’t quite your day job the best ways to help is to schedule time for yourself. Whether it’s a trip to the gym to sweat out some of the stress or a little retail therapy either by yourself or with a friend, make sure you have time to unwind. And the best way to help deal with the stress of being Supermom is to talk to someone about what you are feeling whether it’s a professional counselor or a loved one.


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