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Factors that Lead to Taurine Deficiency

Factors that Lead to Taurine Deficiency

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 Not all people have ideas on what taurine is and the beneficial effects it may bring. Please take note that if you are lacking taurine in your nutrition, it may bring various adverse outcomes to your health. Deficiency in taurine may lead to autism, kidney ailments, sterility, gout, hypothyroidism, anxieties, hypertension, depressions, just to name a few.

Taurine can be produced from within the human body derived from methionine and cysteine. Sufficient supply of taurine can also be acquired from eating both fish and animal sources of protein, brewer’s yeast, and poultry produce. But be aware that eating food products with brewer’s yeast will have adverse side effects for those people suffering from fungus and virus microbes.

Taurine was at first considered not important type of amino acid. But as studies progressed about taurine, it proves that taurine really is very essential for human health.

Based on thorough research and studies on taurine, it aides your vision functions, neuro-nervous system, cardiovascular functions, cholesterol regulation, renal system, and circulatory system. Taurine also acts as performance enhancer for all sportsmen.

Taurine deficiency may happen due to lack of vitamins and minerals like cysteine and methionine, vitamin B6, zinc, and vitamin A. Deficiency on the enzymes necessary to make taurine may also be one of the factors if you don’t regularly eat food products rich protein.

What are the factors that lower taurine production? When you have fungal disorder like candida, this forms beta-alanine which is an amino acid that directly inhibits taurine reabsorption in the kidneys. Taurine is also eliminated via urination. If you are infected with anerobic bacteria, it congests the proper function of bile acid resulting to decreased supply of taurine. Now, foods with monosodium glutamate can be harsh and deplete your taurine supply in the body as well.

On the very contrast matter, there are vitamins and minerals which can block the normal production and circulation of taurine in your body. These are beta-alanine, beta-hypotaurine, and pantothenic acid or vitamin B5.

Always be careful when choosing the food we eat.  It may or may not contribute in the normal functions of taurine production which is essential to your well-being.

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