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Facts on L Theanine

Facts on L Theanine

This ingredient is contained in EndoTrex, TheaNAQ, EndoPlus, and TravaCor


L-theanine is an amino acid predominantly occurring in green tea leaves scientifically known as camelia sinesis. It is well known for its contribution in a very important neurotransmitter by the name gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and is also a non-protein compound. GABA on the other hand is responsible in aiding other the functions of other neurotransmitters which leads to a relaxing condition on humans. In addition, GABA also boosts the alpha waves production in the brain which is responsible for enhanced mental capability and causes deep state relaxation. Further studies on L-theanine claims, that it may also be responsible for promotion of optimum blood pressure level and improve the body’s immune system, promotes mental clarity and causes better concentration.

L-theanine is also an important component responsible for stimulating directly the alpha wave production of the brain which is also necessary to enhance mental clarity and an effective state of relaxation.

With regards to its composition, L-theanine comprises about 2 percent of the weight of each green tea leaf which is the reason why it is labeled as the most prevailing amino acid present in green teas. L-theanine is also the cause of green teas’ distinct and very pleasant taste to drink. This pleasurable taste may also be the reason behind the green teas’ ultimate success as a beloved drink everywhere in the world.

Furthermore, L-theanine has also the ability to reduce the symptoms of stress and prevents the occurrence of high blood pressure. Also, contradicting the common beliefs that tea can cause drowsiness; studies found out that L-theanine does not produce theta waves which have a direct link to drowsiness. Lastly, due to the relaxing effects of L-theanine in the brain, it can also affect mood and other emotional aspects of individuals. Similarly to the relaxation benefit which L-theanine can bring, a pleasant behavior can also be triggered upon taking up L-theanine.

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