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Facts on Thiamine

Thiamine is one of the B Complex Vitamins which are essential to the human body. Its function in keeping a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system is without a doubt an essential one.

As mentioned earlier, thiamine or Vitamin B1 is part of the eight water-soluble B vitamins. It is essential in the production of energy for the body because it helps turn carbohydrates into glucose which is being used all throughout the body for essential bodily functions. It is also quite important in processing proteins and fats so that they can be used properly by the body. It is also important in aiding the body against stress.

Perhaps the richest food sources of thiamine are liver and yeast. It can also be found in beans, green peas, sunflower seeds, tuna, whole grain cereals, mushrooms, tomato, eggplants and romaine lettuce. It is worth mentioning however that thiamine can be lost easily in these food sources due to overcooking or freezing.

With respect to health benefits, apart from those mentioned earlier, thiamine has been found to be effective and helpful in preventing as well as curing a number of diseases and in maintaining an over-all good health. Thiamine is very popular for being anti-stress; that is why most anti-stress supplements almost always have thiamine in it. Thiamine is also important in maintaining a good memory and preventing memory loss as well as in the growth and development of children. Aside from this thiamine is also necessary in keeping healthy and toned muscles.

Thiamine has also been found to help fight the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cataracts, anemia, and hepatitis among other conditions. Being a water soluble vitamin, thiamine can be expelled out of the body through the urine. Having this in mind, it is wise to maintain a healthy diet with foods rich in thiamine in order to keep a healthy dose of this vitamin in the body daily. Dietary supplements can also be added especially those who have a special need for this vitamin.


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