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Folic Acid Dosage

Folic acid is obtainable in all vitamin forms which mean it is blend of vitamin supplements into a single ingredient. A typical dosage of folic acid for an average individual is about 400 micrograms per day. A breast feeding and pregnant mothers should take dosage of folic acid at least 600 micrograms per day.

For certain conditions such as pregnancy, dosage on folic acid for mothers could be increased more than typical dose in up to 1,000 to 1,200 micrograms a day. Furthermore, women having neural tube defect history are being advised to take about 4,000 micrograms per day of folic acid dosage.

Keep in mind that the rate of absorption on supplements of folic acid and natural folates are different. As a result, the idea of dietary folate equivalent has been recognized. Such equivalent known as DFE could be taken with an unfilled stomach however it is more effective when taken together with a proper diet. Dosage of folic acid must always be taken together with B12 vitamin supplement since it could mask deficiency of B12 vitamin.

Side effects of folic acid occur very rarely however there are unavoidable possibilities that it may occur, especially when it is not used with appropriate medical interventions. Nevertheless, daily folic acid intake with an average human being should not be more than 1000 micrograms per day. Excessive dose of folic acid could cause to several conditions such as skin reaction, stomach problems and various other known side effects of folic acid. For much safer dosage seek medical assistance for any qualified health care provider.


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