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Folic Acid Supplementation

The everyday dosage of folic acid varies in diverse cases regarding the person’s age, physical condition and health. However, an average individual hardly suffer from deficiency on folic acid. In fact, overdose on folic acid could cause various harmful health associated conditions such as diarrhea, insomnia and seizures as well as hyperactivity and psychotic behavior on children.

Deficiency on folic acid is awfully difficult to discover because folic acid deficiency symptoms are relatively the same as the symptoms of anemia which is caused by B12 vitamin deficiency. Therefore, an individual who are experiencing such symptoms should consider the possibility of having a deficiency on B12 vitamin by seeing a certified health doctors before the undergoing treatments of deficiency on folic acid.

In addition, if the body is not capable of properly absorbing folic acid form food diet it could possibly lead to deficiency on folic acid. Moreover, folic acid deficiency on pregnant mother could be the cause of birth defects on newly born infants.

Folic acid could help out in fighting against anemia for individuals who for some reasons have developed such condition as well as individuals who have a deficiency on vitamin B. It is has been observed that folic acid is more effectual when taken together with B12 vitamin which helps in boosting the production of red blood cell inside the body. For condition such as anemia, individuals must be vigilant with the use of folic acid since it is identified for masking some deficiency on vitamin B which could aggravate such condition.


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