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Food Intolerance and Histamine

Food Intolerance and Histamine


There are a great deal of number of people who are experiencing and suffering from food sensitivity and intolerance. Most of these people are not aware that they have this disorder. There are certain symptoms that medical practitioners detect for these digestive problems which include, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, stomach upsets and spasms and even headaches to skin rashes and eczema. All of these are the allergic and pseudoallergic like symptoms which people have due to the said food sensitivity and intolerance. It is also brought about by a person’s inability to thoroughly process and digest the food inside the body thus producing improper amounts of digestive enzymes which leads to these symptoms.

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Food intolerance instances are often times confused with food allergies. Food intolerance is caused by high levels of ingested food with histamine. The elevation of histamine levels in food are caused by prolonged maturation of food or food products that we eat. Maturation process such as salting, adding up food preservatives, smoke-drying and marinating can increase the levels of histamine content in foods and food products.


This increase in histamine levels can make eating delicious foods miserable for people who are suffering from food sensitivity and intolerance. They would find that eating foods like fish, meat, wine, pizza and beer would be a bit troublesome for they will have to experience the allergic and pseudoallergic like symptoms in their body.


It is also important to know that an overload of histamine is the main cause for these allergy and pseudoallergy like symptoms. Food intolerance appears whenever someone is not able to regulate the amount of histamine absorbed in the digestive tract via the food we eat fast enough. It is important to regulate the amount of histamine that also comes from our own body to reduce the risk of suffering from allergy.  

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