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Food Sources of Tryptophan

Food Sources of Tryptophan

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Most people today are not familiar with tryptophan. Tryptophan is one of the ten essential amino acids that must be included in your daily diet. In order for tryptophan to be fully absorbed as well as assimilated by the body, you should have an adequate amount of vitamin B6, vitamin c, and folic acid. Since tryptophan it is important in order for your body to sustain living, you must be aware of its sources particularly in your daily diet.


Tryptophan is known to be found in foods that are rich in protein. Tryptophan food sources include meat products like pork, lamb, beef, turkey and chicken. Fishes and salmon are also rich in tryptophan. You can also get more amount of tryptophan from eggs, milk and soybeans. Aside from those, you can also find more tryptophan from cheddar and parmesan cheese as well as from sesame seeds, chocolates, sunflower seed, wheat flour and dried spirulina. White rice is also rich in tryptophan. Oats, bananas and peanuts can also be a great source of tryptophan.


To maintain an adequate level or balanced amount of tryptophan in your body system, you must be able to fully familiarize yourself with its food sources. Many people have no control and discipline with regards to their eating habits or daily diet. Hence, most of them end up gaining unpleasant result which includes occurrence of health-threatening diseases and other health disorders.


Always bear in your mind that the key to a happy and contented life is being healthy. At the present time, we are all aware of the crisis that almost all nations are facing. We cannot afford to get sick just because we are not that concern with our health. Having tryptophan deficiency can certainly put you to an awful circumstance. So be vigilant enough to know how you can sustain your body with enough amount of tryptophan!

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