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Functions of Histidine in Human Health

Functions of Histidine in Human Health

L-histidine is among the group of common amino acids that are highly required in the body. It must be present in the diet or by means of supplementary medicines because it is needed by the body to perform several actions especially in the growing stage of children.

Histidine is unique and cannot be formed by combining other nutrients. Histidine can be naturally found in foods groups such as meats and dairy products. Adults are not necessary to get high amounts of this amino acid, but younger individuals who are in the peak of growing stage are highly required to have a high amount of histidine in the body.

Histidine is considered as a metalloprotein which could transport and combine a number of metals as well as iron and copper. It also enhances absorption of calcium, decreases the levels of histamine levels, and resulting in the control of diarrhea. Since the loss of electrolytes and dehydration result to diarrhea, histidine can significantly improve performance by counteracting such effect. However, excessive histidine would in fact cause constipation and it could be overcome by the intake of zinc and gamma linolenic acid in the borage and primros forms. Histidine is also a significant mechanism in blood clotting aspect and can lessen internal bleeding.

Rheumatoid arthritis is recognized to be correlated with a relatively low histidine levels in the blood as well as increased 3-methylhistidine. According to a partial study, several people having rheumatoid arthritis have a low histidine levels.

Deficiency of histidine on infants causes eczema. As observed, deficiency of histidine is subjected to be linked with duodenal and stomach ulcer. Histamine triggers the discharge of the digestive substance that stimulates the production of gastric juices called gastrin. Without sufficient production of histamine a good digestion may possibly be impaired.

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