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Gastric Repair Complex Information

Manufacturer: Biogenesis Click here to Buy Gastric Repair Complex by BioGenesis


- Supports proper GI health - Aids digestion - Maintains healthy absorption of nutrients - Promotes healthy GI function - Helps prevent heartburn

GASTRIC REPAIR COMPLEX combines soothing mucilaginous herbs and protective amino acids. Many products sold today for GI disorders act to block hydrochloric acid production or neutralize it. The problem with this approach is the inhibition of normal digestion and assimilation of protein, fat, carbohydrate, B vitamins, and minerals. Blocking hydrochloric acid also increases the risk of Helicobacter pylori infection of the stomach and/or intestinal dysbiosis. Intestinal dysbiosis occurs when the ideal balance of healthy bacteria is disrupted by the growth of bacteria, yeast, and other intestinal pathogens. The stomach normally functions to reduce entrance of these organisms through the sterilizing effects of its hydrochloric acid output. When hydrochloric acid is blocked or neutralized, this protection is lost and pathogens find easy entrance into the digestive system. Gastric Repair Complex enhances the development of normal protective mucosal barriers.

DGL (DEGLYCYRRHIZINATED LICORICE) has been shown to increase the mass, quality and production of gastric/duodenal mucous. This has the beneficial effect of promoting healing of inflamed tissues. Studies have shown that DGL enhances replication of goblet cells in the stomach lining, thus facilitating an enhanced protective mucosal output. DGL does not have the negative side effects of sodium retention, fluid retention, and increased blood pressure that standard licorice products have.


MASTIC GUM tree resin releases substances that have astringent properties. Mastic gum has been used to freshen breath and tighten gums. L-GLUTAMINE has been shown to increase the repair process in the stomach and small intestine. L-glutamine is a preferred food source for the mucosal cells lining the gut. This ingredient facilitates more rapid reproduction of healthy cells, promoting replacement of damaged cells.

ALOE VERA is a mucopolysaccharide gel that has wound healing and antiinflammatory properties. X-ray studies have confirmed its beneficial activity on duodenal tissue health. Aloe vera has a long and deserved reputation as a soothing agent for inflamed tissues.

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Click here to Buy Gastric Repair Complex by BioGenesis

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