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Gastrointestinal Health Information

Colonic irrigation is a popular form of alternative medicine that began in Egypt around 1500 BC. It consists of inserting a tube into the anus and shooting large amounts of warm water into the colon. Proponents have insisted that colonic irrigation is imperative to maintain gastrointestinal health because it flushes out parasites, toxins and old feces. However, there have been no clinical studies that back up this finding. It is only in exceptionally rare circumstances that the human digestive system does not flush itself out every 24 hours. In those cases of extreme constipation, a person should seek a conventional doctor rather than engage in colonic irrigation. Over time, the muscles around the sphincter, rectum and up into the colon become atrophied or wasted because the colonic irrigation is doing the muscles’ work for them. This can also happen to people who take large amounts of laxatives. Since the water pressure or laxative makes stool liquefy, there is no need for muscles to push them through. The Mayo Clinic warns people that insist on using colonic irrigation to be sure they use disposable items. In this way, they are not introducing bacteria into their colon. But the best way to ensure gastrointestinal health is to eat a low-fat, high fiber diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.


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