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GlucoTone Plus Chromium Information

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- Supports healthy blood sugar regulation - Reduces tendency to insulin resistance - Provides necessary nutrients for the synthesis of Glucose Tolerance Factor    (GTF)

GLUCOTONE PLUS CHROMIUM is a great product to consider for patients with impaired glucose metabolism. GlucoTone Plus Chromium may assist patients in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism and reduce dysglycemic conditions. It is comprehensively designed with nutrients to support endogenous production of Glucose Tolerance Factor which allows for effective uptake of blood glucose into target cells.

THIAMIN is a necessary cofactor for the metabolism of glucose to create cellular energy (ATP). Thiamin deficiency is associated with impaired glucose metabolism which research suggests may be alleviated by thiamin supplementation. Preliminary research also indicates that thiamin supplementation may have preventative action against plaque formation within vessel walls. Increased plaque is a common complication experienced by patients with chronically elevated serum glucose and insulin levels.

NIACIN is a participant in redox reactions in the metabolic generation of energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrate sources. Its role in maintaining adequate cellular energy metabolism may influence blood sugar regulation.

VITAMIN B6 (PYRIDOXAL 5’-PHOSPHATE) is important for protein metabolism. It additionally serves as a cofactor for transaminase enzymes, which allow body proteins to be converted into glucose molecules. Studies have also found that vitamin B6 supplementation may help prevent neuropathies, secondary to elevated blood glucose. The form of vitamin B6 provided is the activated form which diminishes the need for liver phosphorylation.

BIOTIN is a component of carboxylase enzymes found within the Krebs cycle which generate energy from glucose.

PANTOTHENATIC ACID is necessary for the production of endogenous coenzyme A. This compound activates fuel sources from carbohydrates, proteins and fats to allow for their conversion into usable energy.

MAGNESIUM may affect insulin signaling and the binding of insulin to receptors therefore influencing glucose metabolism. Some studies have found a positive correlation between poor magnesium status and impaired glucose tolerance.

ZINC is needed for optimum insulin function and overall healthy body tissues. Zinc deficiency may be related to impaired glucose tolerance.

CHROMIUM is a component of the endogenous compound Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF increases cellular responsiveness to insulin activity therefore increasing glucose uptake into target cells. In a double-blind crossover study,8 female patients were supplemented with 200 mcg chromium chloride daily. Within 3 months, low blood sugar symptoms were alleviated and the glucose nadir, following a glucose load, was raised at 2-4 hours. In addition, insulin binding to red blood cells and insulin receptor numbers improved significantly. Results suggest that impaired chromium nutrition and/or metabolism may be a factor in the cause of low blood sugar.

VANADIUM has been shown to exhibit insulin-like activity in the body. Studies have shown that vanadium supplementation may improve serum glucose regulation.

Click here to Buy GlucoTone Plus Chromium by BioGenesis

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