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Glucosamine Sulfate for the Joints

Glucosamine is a nutrient that is produced naturally within the body, and it is found in the cartilage and fluid of the joints. In most people, enough is produced to maintain the inner workings of the joints, and there are no problems. But when the cartridge begins to wear down, or the fluid begins to thin, then more glucosamine sulfate has been proven to help regenerate the cells in those areas. When you look for glucosamine supplements, you’ll find that it comes in different forms, such as glucosamine hydrochloride, N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine sulfate. All the forms contain the basic ingredient to produce cartridge growth, because that is what glucosamine does. But researchers believe that the sulfate form of glucosamine is the best producer of cartilage because sulfate is a stimulant for other necessary chemicals that build tissue, as well. Typically supplements are made from the harvested shells of shellfish. There are some forms of synthetically produced glucosamine for people who are allergic to shellfish, and both types are easy to find in stores and online. Glucosamine sulfate is used primarily for arthritis and has been scientifically proven. It can be combined with MSM, or chondriton, and depending on your individual system, the combinations may give better results. The average dose of glucosamine is 1500mg per day, more if your condition is chronic.


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