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Great Benefits of L theanine in Green Tea

Great Benefits of L theanine in Green Tea

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Popularity of green tea beverages has been escalating globally because of its favorable effect to individuals who often drink it. People increasingly are taking into practice of making green tea as a complement with their habit of drinking water since green tea is much healthier than other beverages and it tastes better too. Mixing green tea into a fluid diet helps a considerable good health as well as mental calmness due to the existence of the non-protein and responsive amino acid identified as L-Theanine.

The amino acid L-Theanine It is found primarily on green tea leaves which specifically called to as Camelia Sinesis. This amino acid adds to the structure of a non-protein hindering neurotransmitter known as Gamma amino butyric acid. It supports further neurotransmitter that provides a soothing effect felt by humans. Gamma amino butyric acid also influences the creation of alpha waves in a human brain which also the root of a profound state of calmness and improves mental clearness. Besides causing a calming state mentally, modern studies also presented that L-Theanine also endorses healthy levels of blood pressure and developing the immune systems of a human body.

With these various L-Theanine benefits on green tea leaves, the concern to be raised at the present is whether L-theanine is safe and how should a person effectively use it. The answer to this concern is, L-Theanine is an absolutely safe amino acid and it does not have limits on the quantity an individual should receive in accordance with various reliable researches. L-Theanine must be used in at the earliest indication of a stress to prevent from aggravating the symptoms. L-Theanine intake causes an individual to experience the effects within a period of 30 minutes lasting for about 8 to 10 hours. There is still no identified L-Theanine side effect, and so it could be used by anybody either in a pill form or in a leaf form through green tea beverages. Taking L-Theanine is exceptionally helpful amino acid which could be taken by almost any person. Green tea does not cost a lot or it simply quite affordable and is readily offered in several markets.

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