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Green Tea Extract Exposed

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, consuming vital anti-oxidents and used as a preventative herbal suppliment, Green tea extract is chalk full of health benefits.  This amazing little pill has been studied in all venues of medicine from stunting cancer growth in cells, providing a necessary boost in metabolism for weight lose and maintenance, and to help lower cholesterol. With all those benefits the list continues. Green tea extract is wonderful for reducing the painful onslaught of inflamed joints and muscles and may prove to be beneficial for combating arthritis. Flavonols, an antioxident, is contained in green tea extract. Another compound, epigallocatechin, is another antioxident that is found in green tea and the main benefits are to help combat certain types of cancer such as prostate and lung cancer. The antioxidents that are found in green tea extract help prevent damage done to the body and it is good for keeping the immune system running smoothly.  Since green tea extract helps remove bad cholesterol from the body, it is also heart healthy as well. Caffeine, which is found in both green tea and extracts, helps to dialate blood vessels which in turn helps blood flow more easily throughout the body. Green tea extract has all the health benefits as brewed green tea, but in its super concentrated form, it is ten times more beneficial. As a supplement, it is a simple and easy way to improve your health.


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