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Hazards of Sleep Deficit

There have been many studies on why we sleep. The results of these studies not withstanding, the reasons why we sleep seems inexhaustible. It will not be wrong to regard sleep just like gravity and quantum field as one of the mysteries of the human race.  One thing about sleep that is widely accepted is the fact that good sleep is necessary for healthy living.  Adults who want to get the best from sleep are expected to spend six to eight hours sleeping each night. To cut down or increase these hours can put ones health in danger. It has been scientifically proved that giving room for sleep deficit is hazardous to the health of anyone. People suffering from sleep deprivation may not feel any ill effect initially. After some time, the adverse effects will become conspicuous and unpalatable. Some of the common consequences of impairing or interrupting sleep are: a weaken immune system; fast tumor growth; impairment in memory resulting in the inability to think clearly;  impaired memory; impaired performance on mental physical tasks; and  poor or reduced problem solving ability. Your body system will function at its best if you provide it with the optimal amount of sleep.


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