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Health Benefits of Cortisol in the Human Body

Health Benefits of Cortisol in the Human Body


Cortisol will not be meant in a human body if it has no work to do. Cortisol provides health benefits as it is very important in the human existence. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for the maintenance of the ability to process sugars.  Cortisol counteracts insulin which makes the blood sugar well balanced.  Aside from this, it also regulates the blood pressure that controls the risks of having stress and different illnesses. If a person is stressed, the level of cortisol increases the protein so that the protein will be converted into fuel that helps the body to have a balanced function.

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Another health benefit of cortisol is that it increases the recruitment of the fatty acids that becomes the source of energy that will be produced to the brain. This also acts as an inflammatory agent that depresses the reaction of the immune system.  Some of the inflammatory reactions that it reduces are the swelling, redness and itchiness, heat and even pain.


With the different reactions that it provides in the body, it can treat the diseases in different parts of the body. Most of the body parts that it can treat are the kidney, blood, eyes, pancreas, thyroid and intestines. It can even help treat arthritis that was in connection with the nerves.  Hydrocortisone also helps in treating cancer and asthma.  The help benefit of cortisol can also be obtained by injections or drug intake. It depends if the body is lacking in the cortisol levels.  It can help in oral medications in the form of steroids or inhalers.


Cortisol provided a lot of health benefits in the human body. That is why it was said that it is very essential into the human life. If there is no cortisol hormone in the body, then it will be hard for a person to have a balanced health.

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