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Health Benefits of Methionine

Health Benefits of Methionine

This ingredient is contained in AdreCor NeuroScience, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus

Methionine is one of the eight essential amino acids and as an essential amino acid it serves as building block for protein in the body. Also, an essential amino acid cannot be produced by the body, thus, its supply comes from the food we eat or in supplement pill form.

It is a source of sulfur and other compounds required by the body for normal growth and metabolism. Sulfur is very important to life. Without adequate intake, the body will not be able to make and use a number of antioxidant nutrients. It is also a methyl donor that is needed for a variety of chemical and metabolic reactions in the body.

It is essential for the production of creatinine, which is responsible in the proper functioning of muscles and the entire cardiovascular system. It is also primarily responsible in detoxification and breakdown of fats preventing fat build-up in the liver and arteries. 

Methionine has so many functions that aid in normal growth and metabolism. It comes abundantly from protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, dairy products, fish and other sea foods. Peanuts roasted with skin and sesame seeds are very rich sources also. Fruits, vegetables and grains also contain methionine. However, they contain a lower amount unlike those protein-rich foods. Vegetarians are recommended to take supplements in order to get the required level of this amino acid in the body.

It also comes in supplement form and is being used for the treatment of several health conditions like depression, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, endometriosis, and others.

It is also being used by athletes because of its capacity to produce creatinine, the substance that builds strong muscle tissues. This provides the necessary energy that muscles require to move and increases the performance of athletes during intense workouts.

To work best, the intake of methionine should be combined with vitamin B complex to prevent increase of homocysteine and cholesterol levels. Excessive intake together with deficiency in vitamin B, may cause arteriosclerosis, the hardening of arteries.

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