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The definition of immune is unaffected by. If you are immune to gossip by your coworkers, the gossip doesn't faze you. Immune health means the body's major systems are unaffected by things like viruses and germs. It means your body is successfully fighting them off. Most western medicine treats the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. Medications are available for stuffy heads from colds and flu to medications to treat diarrhea and stomach upsets. What actually caused the illness goes untouched and so it wreaks havoc in the body. Eastern medicine, on the other hand, as well as spiritual methods such as reiki, for instance, treat the cause of the malady. A strong system can be unaware that an invasive organism is even in town. To that end, herbal supplements can be used to strengthen the immune system. Diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables along with certain herbs and spices can admirably do the same job. Why you need immune health is obvious. No one enjoys illness and most will take preventive measures to avoid it. Here, old wives' tales and home remedies work for the simple reason they've been tested and proven right. Another reason you need immune health is the mind over matter theory. If you believe yourself healthy by using products to strengthen the immune system your body follows suit. You protect your body's major systems with diet, exercise and preventive measures and the immune system should be no different for maximum health.


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