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Histamine Allergy

Histamine Allergy -- Food Intolerance in Alcohol and Other Allergy-Like Reactions


Alcohol intolerance is an adverse reaction of our body when we ingest alcohol and it is not properly processed in the digestive tract. This adverse reaction is resulted from the lack of enzyme necessary to metabolize the alcohol into acetic acid which will be then absorbed by our body. The enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase is needed to process the alcohol into a much more absorbable state. Unless it could be processed into acetic acid or vinegar, toxins found in alcohol will then be absorbed by our body thus allergic reactions will show. This immediate immune response is a typical reaction by our body in response to the toxic reactions and allergic symptoms that will occur to eradicate the toxins out of the body.

This neurotransmitter is related to AdreCor, ExcitaPlus, and NorLox.


Whenever we ingested alcohol, histamine levels increase because alcohol aids in release of histamine. Histamine also cannot be processed whenever alcohol is ingested for alcohol and histamine share the same enzyme needed for metabolism. If alcohol is ingested, an impaired ALDH enzyme, the enzyme needed for alcohol and histamine to be metabolized, will trigger another problem that will lead to producing an excess amount of histamine levels in our body system.


An excess amount of histamine in our system upon ingestion of alcohol will lead to showing allergic-like symptoms like nasal congestion and mild flushing of the skin. Other symptoms shows after a couple of minutes after ingestion such as palpitations or fluttering of heart beat, sensation to heat, headache, low blood pressure and abdominal discomfort.


Oriental flushing syndrome is usually referred to people with oriental background who suffers from abnormal reactions from alcohol ingestions. Symptoms like skin flushing, elevated heart rate, and drop in blood pressure for people who are Chinese, Japanese and Koreans who lacks ALDH are the ones who are most likely candidates for the oriental flushing syndrome.

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