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Histamine Free Diet

Histamine-Free Diet


Histamine is a substance that is released by the body in response to foreign bodies that may pose a threat to the system. It triggers the inflammatory response in order to combat the foreign substances that are present in the body. In some cases, however, the body reacts in an exaggerated manner by marking harmless foreign bodies as a threat and making a war zone out of the body. The manifestations of this are known as allergic reactions. These harmless foreign bodies come in many forms such as dust or pollen but the reactions may also be triggered by certain foods.


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 The ingested food may either contain histamine or trigger the release of histamine in the body. To avoid allergic reactions, patients with known allergies to certain foods are restricted from eating the said foods to avoid episodes of allergic reactions. A histamine-free diet ensures that one’s immune system does not exaggerate its actions.


In some cases, food intolerance is experienced by those who eat foods that are rich in histamine. Due to the absence of the diamine oxidase, the substance that degrades histamine after mediation, the histamine that is accumulated from the food builds up and causes allergy-like symptoms. This is different from someone who is just simply allergic to certain foods. In this case, a histamine-free diet is strictly implemented.


Foods that are rich in histamine are usually the ones that were processed. Alcoholic beverages, fermented foods, processed and old meats, smoked fish, dried fruits, aged wine and other foods that underwent microbial treatment are high in histamine content. Some foods such as spinach contain histamine naturally.


A histamine-free diet also excludes alcohol, chocolate, eggs, fish, milk, pineapple, shellfish, strawberries and tomatoes since they cause the body to release histamine. The body-produced histamine also builds up causing the same symptoms as an allergy.

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