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Histamine Overview

Histamine: An Overview


You can often found this biogenic component in processed food. It is also derived from decarboxylation of histidine, an amino acid. It is an amine (nitrogen) that can be found in the gastrointestinal tract upon the breakdown of diamine oxidase to produce it. Every little facts stated above is all about histamine. Histamine can also mimic common immune system-based discomforts from ingesting food that you are allergic from.


This neurotransmitter is related to AdreCor, ExcitaPlus, and NorLox.

Histamine can be responsible for disorders like diarrhea, constipation, cardiac arrhythmia, migraine and asthma for it is a mediator for these allergic and food allergic-like symptoms.


You may learn that most of histamine levels vary from the degree of freshness and the process of maturation in foods or food substance that we eat. It is said that if the food is stored at prolonged period of time to mature, the greater the chance for it to accumulate high levels of histamine content it would have. It would also mean that the person who would eat these foods will suffer a great deal too. It is problematic for people with food intolerance and sensitivities to eat these kinds of foods for they would be most likely experience skin rashes, headaches and digestive problems.


Foods like fresh meat very little to no histamine levels. However, if you processed this fresh meat, the level of histamine will increase. The maturation process of processing foods will accumulate biogenic amines which in turn increase the levels of histamine.


The same goes for fresh fish as well. It also contains little to no histamine levels. As the fish began to spoils easily, an accumulation of histamine are noted which is mainly due to the rapid proliferation of bacteria.  Processing of the fish through salting, smoke-drying, marinating and other preservation process may increase the content of histamine in the said fish product.

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