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Histamine Toxicity

Histamine Toxicity


Histamine is a chemical substance in the body that is released when foreign body is detected. It induces the inflammatory response that helps combat anything foreign from the body. It is also responsible for the exaggerated allergic reactions that occur when the body gets in contact with allergens.


This neurotransmitter is related to ExcitaCor and AdreCor.

While histamine is produced in the body, it is also available in some food. Processed and microbe-treated food preparations are very high in histamine. The same is true with aged food. It is also present naturally in some fruits.


The body only handles small amounts of histamine that is released by the body when it encounters foreign substances. It is then degraded by a chemical substance known as diamine oxidase after mediation. There are instances when the blood histamine reaches abnormal level.


Blood histamine level increases when one ingests food that are high in histamine such as aged cheese, alcoholic beverage, smoked fish, and processed meat. If the individual cannot process histamine readily, the histamine level increases until it becomes toxic. The symptoms usually appear a few hours after ingestion of the food product with unusually high histamine content.


There is also an instance called histamine intolerance when the body does not produce diamine oxidase, thus histamine is not degraded after it is used by the body. This builds up the histamine level in the blood causing histamine toxicity.


Histamine poisoning or toxicity can sometimes be underdiagnosed or overdiagnosed. This is because the symptoms are fairly similar to common allergic reactions such as swelling, rashes, hives, and asthma-like symptoms like difficulty in breathing, wheezing and smooth muscle contractions.


Histamine intolerance require a histamine-free diet. For other cases, foods high in histamine should be avoided. Treatment for histamine toxicity is the same as allergic reaction. Supportive care is advisable while antihistamine, oxygen or medications may be used if needed.

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