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Histidine as One of the Bodys Essential Amino Acid

Histidine as One of the Body's Essential Amino Acid

Histidine is an amino acid essential to human particularly to children. Research shows that adult ones can produce and synthesize its own histidine for its own body requirements. Histidine is also used to protect and maintain healthy tissues in the body especially the myelin sheath that protects and envelops nerve cells, and guarantee transmissions from the brain to certain parts of the body. With this issue, auditory nerves find histidine useful and vital for it is nowadays used to heal certain types of hearing illnesses. It also supports red and white blood cell production.

As an amino acid, histidine also produces histamine, a very useful substance in terms of physiological processes. It produces gastric juices to ensure normal food digestion. Lack of histamine production may lead to irregular food digestion. Histidine also acts to lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels, and is used to treat various cardiac and circulatory problems.  

This acid is also vital to mental disorders and useful for treatment with regards to sexual dysfunction.  Histamine as generated from histidine is an active amino acid that is used to stimulate sexual arousal. When administered with niacin and pyridoxine, it can boost sexual pleasure by enhancing the body’s histamine level. It is also useful for the body’s immune system that determines if the body suffers from various allergic reactions.

However, the body’s histamine level should be balanced to guarantee good mental and physical health. Research shows that having high levels of histidine may result to psychological illnesses such as schizophrenia and anxiety; while having low level of this amino acid can lead to the growth of  type of deafness that result from nerve damage and rheumatoid arthritis.

Taking histidine supplements may be helpful to relieve rheumatoid arthritis. It is said that even though histidine has no reported negative side effects, it is also vital to consult medical professionals before taking such supplements. Histidine, like other amino acids is commonly found on dairy products and meats, as well as grains, rice and wheat.

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