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Histidine as a Crucial Amino Acid in the Body

Histidine as a Crucial Amino Acid in the Body

Histidine is sometimes regarded as a crucial amino acid in the period of growth. However, by the time a person reaches adulthood, histidine can become non-essential since an adult body is able to produce it naturally. On the other hand, histidine becomes an important amino acid again for older individual especially those who are suffering from degenerative diseases. Also, histidine is converted into histamine which is a key physiological substance needed in the body to maintain stability and health.

One importance of histidine in the body is its functions to repair and grow human tissues. It is also vital for the production of glycogen from glucose in the liver. When histidine is converted into histamine, it also activates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Definite histidine compounds such as anserine, carnosine and ergothionine and found on tissues and also in the blood. Beta-alanyl-1-methylhistidine is known as anserine and beta-alanylhistidine is to carnosine which are both situated in the muscles. Ergothionine can be found in great amount though the red blood corpuscles. It is comes totally from dietary sources and it is not manufactured inside the body.

There are no detailed reports regarding side effects of histidine however with excessively high histidine levels may lead to mental disorders such as schizophrenia as well anxiety which have been observed with person having relatively high histidine levels. Individuals suffering from manic or bipolar depression or known as schizophrenia must not consider taking histidine supplement lacking the consent of a qualified health expert.

As an alternative, histidine can be found on natural food sources such as dairy products, poultry and fish which are good alternative sources of histidine. In addition, it could also be found on gains such as wheat, rye and rice. Histidine Supplements are also out in the market in a form of a pill.

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