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How Does Riboflavin Works

Riboflavin is a kind of Vitamin B that is soluble in water therefore cannot be stock up in the body and need to be refilled every day. It has an important function for energy metabolism, building tissue, and helps maintain a healthy pair of eyes.

Riboflavin works hand in hand with other B vitamins. It is considered as significant for energy production or discharging energy from carbohydrates, body growth and red blood cell production, food digestion, health of the nervous system. It plays a major role in our body glands that are responsible for energy production. It triggers the release of glycogen for our energy.  When it comes to metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats from eaten fats and proteins, riboflavin has a momentous role in that process.

Other beneficial functions of riboflavin are as follows:

Riboflavin helps in upholding a good eye sight. This is because it helps in the absorption of iron. However, it still needs Vitamin D as supplement.

It’s not just energy, but production of antibody that Riboflavin works. It helps the immune system that makes us not prone to common illness.

Developing a healthy hair, skin, nails, and maintaining good health of the mucous membrane in the digestive system are some of the secondary functions of Riboflavin.

Recent European study shows that aside from its major functions, riboflavin also in one way or another helps other Vitamins to penetrate more effect to our body. In doing so, it helps fighting migraines. It also helps slowing the progression of cataracts.

Riboflavin has also been proven to be effective in helping the treatment of rosacea-related skin blemishes. It helps fighting against of stress, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Vitamin B2 is also considered as valuable in fighting against throat cancer – particularly smokers and tobacco chewers.

Although not yet scientifically proven, there are contemporary studies that show that Riboflavin helps people suffering from arthritis as well.


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