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How Theanine Works

How Theanine Works

This ingredient is contained in Nuvoxil, a popular Neuroscience product.

Theanine is a glutamic acid chemical which is a derivative of amino acids.  It is one of the many chemical components found in tea and is widely considered as having calming effects to the body aside from many other positive effects that was discovered as brought about by this chemical.

Discovered in 1949 in Japan, today theanine is the most common ingredient found in dietary supplements due to its capability of suppressing weight gain and also increasing the metabolic rate of the body.  Studies have also shown that theanine can lower the occurrence of hypertension or what is commonly known as high blood pressure.  For cancer patients, it was found that with theanine as part of their diet experienced significant decrease in the side effects brought about by chemotherapy. 

Having phsychoactive properties, theanine can reduce mental and physical stress and improve cognition and general mood of a person.  So how exactly does this chemical theanine works? 

 Gamma-glutamylethylamide otherwise known as theanine is known as an analog of glutamine and glutamate and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.  As this chemical passes the barrier and is already in the brain, theanine causes considerable increase in either serotonin or dopamine concentrations in the brain especially in those parts of the brain like the striatum, hypothalamus and the hippocampus.  Serotonin is a chemical well known to be a contributor to feeling of well-being, while dopamine on the other hand is a neurotransmitter similar to adrenaline.  These chemicals are being produced by the body when we are feeling good or plainly happy. An imbalance or the lack of these chemicals will often lead to mood swings and irrational, grumpy attitude.  With the increased concentration of serotonin and dopamine however in the body, an individual will feel relaxed and calm.  Glutamate activation of the brain also impacts to brains memory and learning ability.

When the body feels calm and relaxed the brain will be able to function perfectly and will send signals to the body that all is well. When the body is feeling well, stress hormones will not be able to attack and wreak havoc to body thereby avoiding all stress’ ill effects like depression and weight gain.

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