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How to Boost and Increase GABA Levels

How to Boost and Increase GABA Levels

This neurotransmitter is affected by TravaCor and Kavinace


GABA functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Being so, it sends out nerve impulses which primarily are to control the body’s excitatory responses. GABA is both naturally acquired in the body and can furthermore be obtained by artificial means, such as taking supplements.


One’s GABA levels indicate whether a person is experiencing stress or calmness. A high level of GABA points to a relaxed, calmed body whereas a low level of GABA means that the body undergoes anxiety, tension or stress. Therefore, it is essential to measure and determine one’s GABA levels in order to avoid diseases and medical conditions closely related to having a GABA deficiency.


Having high GABA levels is good; therefore, one should know the different methods of increasing one’s GABA level.


Exercise. Some physical activities allow the mind and body to enter into calmed and relaxed state. Yoga, being one of those, is considered to be a component of a good and healthy lifestyle. Doing yoga exercises increases your GABA, because of the relaxing effect it gives when you practice it.


Diet. One should note the kind of foods that increase the production of GABA. Foods that are high in glutamic acid or glutamate are best to consider. Examples of food under this type are: oats, whole wheat and whole grains, brown rice, rice bran, broccoli, spinach, lentils, walnuts and citrus fruits. L-theanine also helps to increase one’s GABA levels. This amino acid can be found in green teas and energy drinks. It soothes and calms the mind at its intake, which then keeps a high level of GABA.


Prescription Drugs. Medicines also help to boost GABA levels. Prescription medications of this type are Valium, Xanax or Ativan. These medications induce sleep and promote calmness in the body. Furthermore, these medicines stimulate GABA receptors, therefore preventing tension and anxiety. However, one must strictly consult with a doctor before taking such medications, because there might be side effects when taking these medicines.


There are many unwanted effects of having a deficiency in GABA, but not many people are aware of the need to know their GABA levels. It is therefore recommended to know one’s GABA levels as well as the ways to boost them.

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