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How to Control your Appetite

More and more these days obesity is grabbing headlines, as it should be. It is a growing epidemic with severe consequences. With all the added preservatives found in food it is becoming a lot harder to eat healthy so you must take control. If you want to live a long life start now with appetite control.

It is possible to eat healthy and feel satisfied. Appetite control needs to become an awareness. Pausing for a few minutes after your first serving may help your body feel fuller. Instead of going for that second serving take note of what you have already eaten, it is possible that your body is full but your brain has yet to receive this information.  Eating full servings of vegetables is another way to practice appetite control. Vegetables, especially when eaten raw like in salads, fill you up quicker than sweets and snacks, not to mention the added vitamins and minerals. 

Drinking lots of water throughout your day is another way to control your appetite. Carry water with you wherever you are, constantly sipping on water can help fill you up all day long. Also drink water while you are eating, pausing throughout your meal and drinking water will help your body to fill up quicker.  You can take control of your life if you take control of your appetite. By learning how to eat right you are taking care of your body and extended your life. So take control, appetite control.


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