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How to Detox

Detox, short for detoxification, is a process in which a person addicted to a harmful substance is gradually weaned off of it in a period of time, usually short. Harmful drugs like cocaine and heroin, for instance, are mind-altering, mood-altering drugs that can be very, very addictive. some persons have been addicted to these drugs literally for decades before they finally broke the habit. Or they could be addicted to alcohol, which some say is similar to a drug because it too is addictive. There are different methods to detoxification. Some may be required to abstain from drugs altogether, they may be strongly urged to use alternative for drugs or alcohol abuse. For example, a person addicted to alcohol may be required to drink non-alcoholic beverages, which is what is encouraged in Alcoholic Anonymous programs, for instance. Other methods may be more detailed and may require much physical pain and suffering before the user finally breaks free from the drug. In many rehab centers, for instance, heroin addicts may be administered methadone as a detox method of breaking free from the habit. But some say this method is highly controversial. Some say it just makes the addict becomes addicted to another drugs, others beg to differ. Whatever the case, it is a commonly used method all the same. But the greatest detox of all is the person's determination and willingness to succeed and break free of a harmful drug habit. In the end, no matter what detox method is used, if the person does not want to break free, they will never truly be free. Detox from drug addiction or alcohol abuse-it really is possible.


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