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Impllications of Using Sardina Pilchardus Hydrolysate

Impllications of Using Sardina Pilchardus Hydrolysate


This ingredient is contained in LoraQuil, a popular Neuroscience vitamin product.

For us consumers, buying and using certain products are based on the criteria of affordability, effectiveness, sustainability and safety. Be it with things like our pet food, nutritional supplements or even garden fertilizer, all things that we spend our money on should pass those standards.


One good example of such product are the products of Sardina pilchardus hydrolysate, or simply sardine or fish hydrolysate. This is what we call the end-product of grounding up fish parts mixed into water. The resulting substance is rich in minerals, protein and fatty acids. It has  a variety of uses such as organic fertilizer and as a component of nutritional supplements and even animal feed.


Economically, sardine hydrolysate is a more affordable alternative than the trending artificial versions of the mentioned products. Processing it does not need rigorous chemistry calculations since all its nutritional content is natural, therefore less expense is needed in making it.


It is also proven effective in all its products. Its natural nutrients provide a significant amount of nourishment to plants and soil, to animals and even us humans. The results are tangible in all the fields with which it can be used and applied.


Sardine hydrolysate is a sustainable product. Canned sardine factories produce a large amount of unused fish parts every year and instead of adding to the problem with waste management, these parts are processed to become more beneficial.


Tests in toxicology has also confirmed that sardine hydrolysate is safe to be consumed by animals and humans and is in fact very beneficial since it is rich in protein, minerals and fatty acids that are needed by the body.


Sardina pilchardus hydrolysate is a recommended alternative to artificial fertilizers, animal feed and even nutritional supplements.

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