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Importance of Chromium

Most people know that vitamins and minerals are essential to staying healthy and that deficiencies can lead to a number of problems. However, one trace mineral that is often overlooked is chromium. This element plays a role in a number of bodily functions and recent research has even shown that it may even help to prevent type 2 diabetes.  Chromium is vital for many processes, including metabolism and insulin sensitivity. The most important function of chromium is to assist the metabolic process in the burning of fat and carbohydrates, but this mineral is also important since it provides cells with blood sugar. It is also believed that chromium can reduce the chances of building up a resistance to insulin and this is why there is potential to use this element to fight diabetes in the future.  Although it is possible to take supplements or natural weight loss products to ensure a sufficient intake of chromium, it is also found in number of foods. Foods rich in chromium include mushrooms, prunes, yeast and broccoli. Chromium salts are a popular form of this trace mineral since they are easily absorbed by the body, but there are risks that have to be taken into consideration. One type of salt, known as chromium picolinate, can be toxic to women and an overdose can even lead to anemia or kidney toxicity.


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