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Importance of Folic Acid

It also recognized as folate, pteroylglutamic acid and vitamin B9, folic acid belonged to the group of B complex vitamin. Folic acid is essential for various metabolic processes inside the body. Most of the time supplements on folic acid are being taken, although it is present in the majority of foods that we eat each day.

For certain reason that vitamin B9 gets simply diminished once vegetables are overcooked since vegetable is a vitamin which is water soluble. Consequently, people are advised eat foods that rich are in folic acid which are not overcooked and as well as consuming certain food that are fresh which contains such vitamin.

Folic acid is one of the most needed nutrients inside the human body. It primarily helps out in the tissue cells as well as red blood cells production which are needed to sustain the digestive system health. Folic acid is a vital nutrient which capable of preventing too much homocysteine buildup. This homocysteine is an amino acid identified to be one of the factors accountable for heart disease which could lead to heart attacks. Excessive levels of such amino acid could as well to lead to deterioration physically on certain parts of the brain.

Folic acid is also associated with pregnancy in which it is needed to be increased throughout pregnancy, since folic acid is beneficial for the efficient neural tube development. Deficiency on folic acid could lead to premature birth of babies. It could also lead to defects on the neural tube that causes conditions known as spina bifida.

One more important benefits of folic acid, it is believed that it could avoid breast as well as pancreatic cancer; though a further study on such benefits is required.  There are several folic acid benefits; however it must not be taken excessively than the suggested dosage. Accordingly, it could lead to folic acid overdose and possibly harmful side effects.


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