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Importance of Glutamic Acids

Importance of Glutamic Acids, Glutamates and Glutamines in the Body


Glutamic acid or glutamate is one of the 20 amino acids that are commonly found in proteins. They are the building blocks of cells, hormones, enzymes and immune components. Glutamic acid also plays a vital role in the metabolism of amino acid. It acts as precursor of arginine, proline and glutamine and is also an important component of folic acid. Glutamate, its related compound is an important neurotransmitter and is a precursor of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.


This neurotransmitter is related to Balance D, Daxitrol, Kavinace, and TravaCor.

Being a neurotransmitter, glutamate is primarily used by the brain. It has the capability to remove excess ammonia that inhibits proper brain functioning and then convert it to glutamine. Glutamic acid on the other hand can be produced from several amino acids which includes glutamine. The 2 substances are interchangeable. Restricting the foods that contain glutamine can cause deficiency of glutamate in the brain. And because a lot of people have a sensitivity to free glutamates, it is best to take glutamine supplements in order to ensure that the body is getting the recommended concentration. Glutamine has no known side effects even when taken in high dosage.


It has also been shown that glutamine helps in controlling alcoholism. It also shortens the healing time of ulcers and can improve depression, fatigue and impotence. Glutamine has also been successful in the treatment of senility and schizophrenia.


Aside from the above mentioned benefits, glutamine is also known for its powerful anti-aging actions as it boosts up glutathione levels in the body.  Glutathione is considered as the master of antioxidants.


Recommended Doses

According to controlled clinical studies, glutamic acids are generally taken between 2 to 15 grams daily. Glutamine on the other hand is 8 grams, could be taken once or twice daily.  Though glutamine has no reported adverse reactions, it is still recommended that you take the supplements under your doctor’s advice. 


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