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Importance of Proper DHEA Level

Levels of DHEA drop off sharply with aging; it could drop up to 90% from individuals with 20 to 90 years of age. However, several other aspects are accountable for the decrease of dhea levels. For instance, being exposed to enormous amount of electrical energy, dhea would be drained to incredibly low level which is could be dangerous. In addition, excessive amount vitamin C could reduce the nutrients in body such as DHEA, amino acid as well as minerals.

Normally progesterone performs a significant role with the maintenance and production of healthy and sufficient dhea levels. Dhea acquires its needed substance from progesterone while the progesterone attains its essential substance form body cells. It is concluded that once the levels of progesterone levels healthy it follows that levels of dhea would likewise be healthy.

Healthy levels of dhea are about 25 to 220 mol/L.  Some major symptoms regarding low levels of DHEA include losing weight difficulty, memory loss and joint pain. It also include symptoms such as mood swings throughout menstruation cycles, clogging of the arteries and low sex appetite as well as low energy and stamina.

Health conditions such as autoimmune diseases such as AIDS and lupus, cancers and hypoglycemia as well as poly cystic ovarian disorder and menopause could speed up the decrease of dhea. Apparently, men that have died of heart disease normally have extensively less amount of dhea compared to other men with similar age. Likewise, individual who are suffers from Alzheimer's disease as well as people with various kinds of cancer usually have less of the normal dhea levels proportional to their age.

Individuals who are using more than 25 milligram dosage of dhea each day could have sufficiently high levels of dhea. With 25 milligrams dhea each day, it has been observed that such dose could be taken nearly without any threat of side effects.


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