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Importance of Thiamine

Vitamin B1 or Thiamine is known for its mood boosting effect.  This is because this vitamin has dramatic effect on the body’s central nervous system thus affecting one’s mood. Aside from providing much needed support for the nervous system, vitamin b1 also aids the body in metabolizing carbohydrates, as well as boosting the immune system and warding off mosquitoes. 

Aside from these wonderful benefits, thiamine is also beneficial in helping the body retain muscle tissues, controlling motion sickness and helping the children grow to their optimal heights. The vitamin is abundant in whole grain products and since it helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates, it provides energy for both the body and the brain. Having sufficient amount of Thiamine in the body allows your brain to work and function optimally.

Extra dose of Thiamine for You

Those who are pregnant and are breastfeeding need extra doses of vitamin B1. This is to supply thiamine for the baby as well. Taking thiamine supplements allows the mother and the baby to have sufficient amounts of the said vitamin. Taking extra doses of vitamin B1 is also necessary for those who are taking oral contraceptives, diuretics, smokers or anyone who takes in too much refined sugars, processed foods and junk foods. If you are stressed out, you also need a healthy dose of thiamine to fight off these toxin producing radicals.

Sources of Thiamine

You can get your daily source of thiamine naturally or synthetically. For natural food resources, you can easily get enough Thiamine in your diet by including whole wheat, oatmeal, rice brans and the likes into your diet. Some fruits like watermelon also contain Thiamine. You can also take in peas, asparagus legumes and sesame seeds.  For those who need extra amount of vitamin B1, you may take vitamin supplements.


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