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Important Information on Aloe Vera

For more than decades of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the gel from leaves of the aloe vera for softening the skin as well as healing. Aloe vera has also been used by early people in dealing with constipation. For particular conditions, many researches support the prehistoric topical aloe vera usage as a skin healing. Studies have revealed that the gel on the aloe vera may be helpful in treatment of psoriasis, dandruff and seborrhea. In addition, aloe vera gel also appears be beneficial in the treatment of skin abrasions and minor burns as well as sores that are caused by genital herpes on males.

As a treatment on the skin, aloe vera is contained in several of creams such as lotions, ointments and sun blocks. Some individual purely use the aloe vera gel from plants applying it to their skin. The Juice from the aloe vera leaf is marketed in a form of a liquid as an extract that could be ingested orally. There are also adequate evidences that juice from aloe vera known as latex is a potent laxative. Actually, aloe vera juice was previously marketed on over-the-counter drugs for treating constipation. Aloe vera latex is also obtainable in a form an oral supplement.

Gels and Creams with aloe vera dosages vary. Certain creams for slight burns contain just about 0.5% of aloe vera. Some are used for psoriasis which contains about 70% of aloe vera. With oral supplements, aloe vera has surprisingly no dosage sets. Others use aloe vera juice of about 100 to 200 milligrams or aloe vera extract of about 50 milligrams for constipation.

Other usages of topical and oral aloe vera were considered which ranges from diabetes to prevention of cancer by alleviating the side effects inflicted by radiation therapy. Excessive dosages of aloe era latex are unsafe. Inquire form a medical doctor for recommendation regarding the safe use of aloe vera products.


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