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Improve Musculoskeletal Health

Maintaining good musculoskeletal health is an important aspect of life that often times gets over looked. Musculoskeletal medical conditions cost people over 200 billion dollars a year world wide. While osteoporosis is the most well known type of musculoskeletal disorders there are several others that many people suffer from without even realizing. Preventing these degenerative conditions will not only help improve a persons quality of life, but can save them huge amounts of money of the course of a lifetime in medical bills.

Maintaining musculoskeletal health is easier than some might think, and in large part requires only a few adaptations to life style. Exercise is one of the biggest factors in musculoskeletal health. A simple jog a few times a week, or a day of light training a week can go a long way towards improving musculoskeletal health.

The other big factor in improving and maintaining musculoskeletal health is diet. Some things like excessive sugar can block calcium from reaching bone cells, causing a significant weakening of the bones. One might try switching out soda with natural fruit juices which contain healthy simple sugars that are used in energy production. Environmental factors can also affect musculoskeletal health, such as leaning over a computer desk, sitting in uncomfortable office chairs, and uncomfortable steel sprigged beds.

By changing a few of these things in your life you can greatly improve musculoskeletal health.


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