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Indicators of Insufficiency and Excessive Levels of Tryptophan

Indicators of Insufficiency and Excessive Levels of Tryptophan

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Tryptophan sufficiency and balance level are very essential to the body system. Insufficiency and excessive levels of tryptophan can cause health related issues which you will definitely find unpleasant. Furthermore, imbalanced level of tryptophan can definitely make your existing and living a little more disappointing.

Since tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids, you can compare its symptoms or indicators to those who have insufficient levels of protein. People who lack protein in their body system are expected to suffer from weight loss or impaired growth which is particular to infants and children.

Other indicators that you may lack tryptophan in your system are pre-menstrual syndrome, depression, alcoholism, anxiety, insomnia, aggression, violence, obsessive gambling and other dangerous thrill seeking behaviors. Problems that are in connection with the ability of a person to think right may be an indicator of insufficient level of tryptophan as this condition affects serotonin and neural activity.

Aside from those indicators, you should also be aware that insufficient level of tryptophan along with lack of niacin may lead to a more serious disease which includes diarrhea, dermatitis and dementia. Furthermore, this condition can cause death. You must not be bothered about these diseases too early as it cannot occur just by lacking levels of tryptophan.

Indicators of excessive levels of tryptophan have not yet been known as of the present time. Research showed no signs of toxicity and unfavorable health related effects due to high levels of tryptophan in the body system. However, to stay on the safe, side doctors do not advised people to increase their level of tryptophan too much.

Indicators of insufficiency and excessive levels of tryptophan are likewise comparable to some diseases that you would not want to encounter. Therefore, taking care and knowing the moderate amount or level of tryptophan is certainly a must.

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