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Inositol Facts and Benefits

Inositol is an essential component of the Vitamin B complex and is important for your body's healthy functions. This natural nutrient can be found in various foods such as; fish, meat, dried beans, citrus fruits, milk, eggs, green vegetables, and cereal grains. However, if you are unable to get this nutrient in your daily foods you can alternatively take a supplement with Inositol which is sold in many health stores. Inexpensive, this naturally occurring nutrient and its supplement are a wonderful way to improve and maintain your health. Inositol aids your body in multiple ways and can improve your overall health. This nutrient helps transport fats throughout your body and assists in preventing fatty build-up in your liver. When fat sits and clogs up your liver, healthy tissue becomes invaded and normal liver functions start to decline. Left untreated, this condition can ultimately turn serious causing liver disease and possible liver failure. Additionally, Inositol assists in converting fats and nutrients into energy, thereby raising your metabolism. This essential nutrient doesn't stop here though and actually aids your body by creating a better communication between your neurons and central nervous system, also known as cell signaling. Additional benefits of this key nutrient are followed below and will greatly impact your health for the better. *Inositol, combined with Choline, can actually produce lecithin; a key ingredient in your body that can prevent high cholesterol.  *Inositol is proven to have a relaxing effect on your central nervous system. This important role is currently undergoing studies and can possibly be used to treat certain nerve disorders such as panic, depression, respiratory distress syndrome and Alzheimer's. *Being a natural component of Phytic acid, Inositol is undergoing studies to prove their anti-cancer properties and can possibly break-through some barriers in the cancer researches. *Certain forms of Inositol has fundamental properties that your body breaks down into Niacin; an imperative function that supports your circulatory health.  Without Inositol, your body is not able to perform the crucial everyday functions that contribute to your health. By having even a slight deficiency of this nutrient you can suffer from heart disease, liver disease, memory loss, hair loss, panic disorder, high cholesterol and eye abnormalities. Talk to your doctor and be evaluated to identify your Inositol levels and functions. If you are in need of this nutrient you can either seek help from a nutritionist, or start taking a supplement to aid your body. Start the path to a healthier you.


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