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Iodine Allergy

Unquestionably, iodine is known to be one of the major minerals needed for a holistic physical and mental growth of a person. It is manufactured by the human body in minute amounts as a result to attain adequate amount iodine needed by the body; an individual should have a good diet on iodine enriched foods. While adequate iodine amount is needed to be healthy, overdose on iodine could lead to various health issues.

In certain cases, individual who suffer from iodine allergy problems generally happens after he/she is been given a contrast dyes contained injection wherein iodine is present for enhancing the image of the X-ray. That is the reason why health doctors perform test on iodine allergy first before undergoing test on the contrast dye. Each time allergic reactions on iodine occur, it is known to be caused by certain external reason such as injections that contains iodine or by being overdosed with iodine.

Many individuals who are suffering from iodine allergy symptoms thought that being iodine allergic is caused by consuming food enriched with iodine. Certain studies have showed that iodine allergy is no associated with see foods consumption.

However, the issues regarding the iodine allergy due to sea foods consumption has not yet been proven scientifically. And since iodine is contained in sea foods such as shellfish and shrimps, it does not give enough evidence to conclude that allergy on iodine is caused by sea foods consumption. Individuals who have an allergy on sea foods should visit a health doctor and may as well undergo skin test to diagnose the possible reason for such allergy.


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